Alphington Private Wealth is a trusted specialist when it comes to meeting the financial planning needs of the business owner. Our clients include business owners across a range of industries and areas of expertise.

In our experience, the primary concerns of business owners include:

  • Ensuring they have focus on their own goals and vision, outside of the responsibilities and pressures of their business
  • Investment portfolios that are aligned with their personal goals
  • Strategies to manage tax obligations
  • Wealth protection and asset protection
  • Retirement planning (including business succession planning), and
  • Inheritance and estate planning.

Before we provide any advice to you, we take the time to get to know you and understand what is important to you.

Why Alphington Private Wealth?

At Alphington Private, we take a Lifestyle Financial Planning Approach. Fundamentally Lifestyle Financial Planning is about financial planning for your life:

  • your life now
  • your life into the future, including life after work
  • reflecting how you’d like to live your ideal life, considering your goals and values

We understand running a company can be challenging and isolating and we are here to be an objective voice.

Our approach can help you:

  • Align your goals and vision, with your wealth to create a bespoke financial plan
  • Better manage your investment and retirement savings, considering investment structures, investment strategies and ongoing portfolio management
  • Understand how to manage your tax liability within a financial planning framework
  • Protecting your wealth from a variety of perspectives
  • Planning for retirement and business succession
  • Creating a legacy for the next generation of your family or your community
  • Help you determine if you have enough and when you could step back or exit.

Alphington Private will also work with your other advisers, often legal, accounting and tax professionals to ensure everyone is aligned with your goals and vision.

We also provide an ongoing commitment

Business Owner Financial Planning requires a genuine partnership. Change is the one certainty of life we can all be sure of and some of those changes will be challenging. By providing an ongoing commitment to you, we can help you plan, protect and navigate the changes of life to ensure that your lifestyle and wealth is protected.

Is Alphington Private Wealth right adviser for you?

There’s only one right way to answer that question. We invite you to meet with us to find out. Let us explore your goals, vision, lifestyle needs and concerns and see how we would meet your financial planning needs.
To make an appointment, call us on 03 9038 9449 (Melbourne) or 08 8461 9191 (Adelaide) during business hours. Alternatively, complete the contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you to make an appointment for you. We can meet face to face in our offices, and in capital cities. Video meetings are also available.

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