Let’s start with a Lifestyle Financial Planning question:

How much is enough?

It’s one of the most important questions anyone can ask themselves. Yet, amazingly, few people give it the consideration it deserves.

To deliver clients with more certain outcomes, we believe that it is ‘best to begin with the end in mind’. Proper financial planning can help you make better decisions about how to save, invest, manage tax, grow superannuation, protect wealth, or retire. Alphington Private Wealth takes a Lifestyle Financial Planning approach.

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Fundamentally Lifestyle Financial Planning is about financial planning for your life:

  • your life now
  • your life into the future, including life after work, and
  • reflecting on how you’d like to live your ideal life, considering your goals and values.

Lifestyle Financial Planning can be started at any stage of life.

What are the benefits of Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning can help you in a number of ways.

  • Explore and document your goals – Lifestyle Financial Planning provides you with the opportunity to receive advice from a financial planner who understands your life goals and values. Our clients don’t often verbalise their medium and long-term goals in a meaningful way until we give them the opportunity to explore and share them.
  • Provide a plan to maintain your desired lifestyle – Lifestyle Financial Planning provides you with the opportunity to receive bespoke advice about your financial situation now and into the future. Our clients, even those who have sought advice from others, have never had the ability to visualise their financial situation realistically in the medium and to long term.
  • Build certainty through an ongoing advice relationship – Lifestyle Financial Planning provides you with the opportunity to develop and maintain a relationship over your life. Our clients recognise that life changes. Kids grow up, employment changes and sometimes your life goals change too. And across your life, investment markets and performance, government legislation, and resulting opportunities change too.

Our key service aims to ensure you never run out of money, you become (and remain) financially well organised, you manage risk in all its forms, and you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

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