Cashflow determines your ability to live your ideal life, and it’s at the heart of Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Alphington Private Wealth’s key service aims to ensure you never run out of money, you become (and remain) financially well organised, you manage risk in all its forms, and you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

We can’t help you achieve that outcome without completing some cashflow modelling.

Isn’t cashflow modelling the same thing as a budget?

No, it’s not.

A budget looks at your income and expenses. The expenses might be day-to-day living expenses, or subsection of your life like the cost of a new car, a holiday overseas or the cost of educating kids into young adulthood, if you’re focussing on a specific area of your life. A budget shows you the difference between what you earn and what you spend.

Cashflow modelling however takes your budget a step further. It looks at income and expenses over your life and provides you with the ability to plan your life with greater confidence in the medium and long-term. It also considers income from all sources, including investments and super – not just your wage.

There are many benefits of cashflow modelling if you’re serious about living your ideal life. Cashflow modelling can help you answer the expensive  questions like:

  • Am I making the most of my cashflow?
  • Will I have enough now and into the future?
  • When can I expect to pay of my home or build that nest egg?
  • When can I retire?

Could I spend more?By planning, we can work with you to anticipate your needs and requirements and optimise how money moves. We can also adjust your plans and provide new cashflow modelling when your life situation changes.

How we can help you with cashflow modelling advice?

Understanding and managing your cashflow will help you take control of your financial life now and give you more certainty over the medium and long-term.

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